Process Overview

The Revit Model Builder add-in acts as a layer between the Revit modeling environment, including the Family Editor, and an Excel session.  (The Revit environment can include Vasari; however, this has not been tested.)

The Excel file creates a bridge to other applications.  There is no restriction on these other applications since the Model Builder is only aware of the Excel file.  Most of the work to date has been done with data generated from either Rhino-Grasshopper or a special C# Model Builder Tool which is a Windows program that serves as a template for custom computational projects.  Some work has been prototyped in Process and there are discussions about using AutoCAD or other applications.  Whichever application is used, it must be customized to create the Excel output based on its own geometry or other algorithm.

The primary workflow is for one of these applications to output an Excel worksheet that follows the conventions described in the next section.  Then, from an open Revit session, the Model Builder tool reads the Excel data and creates new geometry in Revit.

A secondary workflow is to create geometry in Revit, and then use the Model Builder to export data to an Excel worksheet.  This is useful as a means of creating sample data, which can be edited and then imported to generate new geometry.  It can also be used as a way of transferring geometry from Revit objects as drafting or model lines into the Family Editor or another view.

  1. Mario,

    This is very exciting. I see great potential in your approach to Revit interoperability with other tools.
    I’m hoping future posts include more examples of what you have been able to create.

  2. I can’t wait to go home and test and blog about this! Great work Mr. Guttman!

  3. Yehia Madkour said:

    Very excited to test this out! Thanks Mario and Tim.

  4. Tim Riefenberg said:

    RHINO to VASARI has been a dream come true!!

  5. Gary McCarthy said:

    Could you show an example of how the update funcation works
    I can get things importing but I notice on the mode area of the dialogue box 2 options which look really useful

    • Unfortunately, the grayed-out functions haven’t been written yet. I don’t ususally show disabled features like that but it is part of an ongoing discussion. Would you like me to add this? The idea is that after you had created the model for the first time you could update it, or parts of it, instead of completely rebuilding it. Mario

      • This has now been fixed (sort of). The functions are enabled but it doesn’t really preserve existing entities quite like we might like it to.

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