Monthly Archives: September 2012

New updates to the Hummingbird component set have been published. The update includes a new Family component.

  • Allows the placement of revit families
  • Accepts the following input/modifications:
    • Family Type + Name
    • Placement Point (global x,y,z coordinates, must be unhosted family).
    • Rotation value (degrees)
    • Flip Hand (boolean – family must have flip controls)
    • Flip Facing (boolean – family must have flip controls)
    • MirrorX (boolean)
    • MirrorY (boolean)
    • Params (any custom project or shared parameters, list)
    • Values (tree of values must match params list)

Example below demonstrates placing chair family for raised seating layout based on grasshopper variable sliders for spacing, height, isles, etc.

The download link remains the same so if you already submitted the download form just use the same link.