Hummingbird Updates – Topo surfaces and Mass Families

New updates to the Hummingbird component set have been published. The update includes two new components:

  • TopoSurface
  • MassFamily

Topo surface will generate a Revit topo surface from a list of points in rhino.

The MassFamily component will take a closed polyline and extrude it into a revit mass family by the specified height.

The download link has been moved to the food4rhino website the link can be found on the download page.



  1. Great work!

    I have been testing the Mass export – works fine, but it doesnt seems to update or replace the Mass when I update the Mass in Revit. Is this a limitation at the moment? If so, I would really like to have this option of updating the Mass.


  2. Is there any way to make the massing battery with curves and points? Right now, the massing plugin only works for square geometry, so if you have a something that is not completely square, it doesn’t work. Just a request?

    • Hi Christopher, actually the massing component will work on any closed polygon. it is not limited to rectilinear shapes.


    I find it difficult to make it work. any tutorial or video about the MassFamily component

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