Updated Installation

I’ve created a new version that includes an .MSI file installation (finally!)  It also includes a nifty tool for viewing and editing the .CSV files.

CSV ViewerI’m not sure when the Food For Rhino site will be updated.  To get the latest it is best to use my WhiteFeet site: www.whitefeet.com/Tools/

  1. Hello Mario and/or Tim, I am having issues getting the new .msi version to work properly with Revit 2014. I have no issues with Grasshopper, but I receive two errors when launching Hummingbird from Revit’s Add-Ins tab. It says, “The path is not of a legal form” followed by “Error in UtilitySettings.RefreshRevitValues().” After I select “OK” for both of these messages it appears Hummingbird works as intended. Are you familiar with this? What should I do?

  2. I’m not certain what is happening here but it will help if you can provide more detail and screen shots about the exact steps that you are taking. It might be that the update has gotten confused with a previous installation; did you have one? It is also possible that this is caused by a non-US configuration of Windows; are you working in the US?

    • Hello Mario, thank you for replying. I am a Systems Administrator at University of Southern California and I am fulfilling a professor’s request to have Hummingbird installed to the classrooms, so forgive me for my lack of experience with the software. I am running a clean virtual machine with Revit 2014 Educational Version and Hummingbird 2.0 installed. When I launch Revit, create a new project, select the add-ins tab, and click the H Bird button to start the add-in I immediately receive the following two errors: “The path is not of a legal form” & “Error in UtilitySettings.RefreshRevitValues()”. I do not know enough about the add-in to test for functionality after I select “OK” to pass through the errors, but all my navigations worked thereafter without additional errors. Below are links to screenshots I have taken of the errors, as well as the Hummingbird menu that displays afterwards.

      Error 1: http://postimg.org/image/pwy8f7a1j/

      Error 2: http://postimg.org/image/w9ddp1d3r/

      HMenu: http://postimg.org/image/vwgxlqoif/

      Thank you for your help.

      • Drew: From these images I can see that the installation is correct. The program is trying to determine the location of your Revit model so that it can place an .ini file there. I think it is getting confused by the virtual environment and it is hard for me to test with that condition. If you have not saved the Revit project try doing that and see if the behavior is better. It may make a difference if the project is save to a local computer or on the same server where Revit is running. I believe that the end result of these errors is that it will not be able to use the .ini file. This means that the users will need to reenter the path and other settings each time they run the program. That, and the fact that they will see these error messages, is annoying but it should not affect the performance in any way. Perhaps you could download the sample data from http://www.whitefeet.com/Tools/ and confirm that the Revit side of the process is working correctly.

        If you are interested in working with me a little more on this I can send you a test program and we can work on finding why the error is occuring and fix it. That will require some time on your end, however.


      • I did some further testing on this. It seems that the .ini path functionality was broken recently. This has nothing to do with Drew’s situation; it was broken for all WhiteFeet Tools users. The effect was that, if the Revit project was not saved, there was a bad error message. I have fixed it back to the way it was. It now prompts the user to say that settings cannot be saved until the project is saved. You can click past the message and use the tools if you don’t care about saving settings. A new version of both the WhiteFeet Tools for 2014 and the Hummingbird 2014 downloads has been posted to http://www.whitefeet.com/Tools/.

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