Downloading the Software

By downloading these files you agree to the License Agreement.

Food4Rhino Site:

WhiteFeet Hummingbird

Directions after Download:

  • A single .MSI file installs both the Rhino and Revit components.
  • The Grasshopper components are available on Hummingbird panel on the Extra tab in Rhino-Grasshopper.


  •  The ModelBuilder is available from the H Bird add-in on the Add-Ins tab in Revit:


  • There is also a shortcut to the  HummBird CSV Viewer on the Windows Desktop for viewing .CSV files:


  • There is a link to the documentation from the Revit Addin.
  • The documentation can also be found in the folder:

             C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2015\WhiteFeet Tools\Documentation

  • See the examples and sample data available from the WhiteFeet Hummingbird site.


Tim & Mario

  1. Tyler said:

    I look forward to trying the new plugin out. Ill let you know how it goes. One suggestion I have; Id consider consolidating the individual files into zip files to make it easier to download.

  2. Chien said:

    I was worrying about problems between Rhino and Revit Unit,
    I am currently using the unit is mm
    1mm (Rhino) = 609.6mm (Revit)
    Can you guide me how to convert
    1mm (Rhino) = 1 mm (Revit)
    Thank you very much

    • You will need to add some code in Grasshopper that divides your dimensions by 304.8 so that the real world length that you have specified in mm will become a real world length in feet in Revit.

  3. MICKY said:


  4. Matt said:

    I’m using Revit 2013 and followed the instructions in the word doc, matching all the file paths

    • Hi Matt,
      Try right clicking on the WhiteFeet.RevitModelBuilder.dll file and choose properties. make sure the dll is not blocked. Usually when the dll is copied from the zip vs extracting then copying, windows security will block the dll from working. In the properties window of the dll there should be a unblock button.

  5. Matt said:

    Thank you so much Tim!
    This plugin works great, now that it’s up and running. I unblocked the other files, but didn’t think to do the dll’s as well. Thank for the quick response. I’m going to be using all night now.
    Again, Thank you and great work!

    • Glad you got it working, windows security causes so many problems. When you get a chance send me some images of what your creating. We always love feedback and to see how others are using the tools.

      • Matt said:

        It’s a project for school, and it’s due on Thursday, so definitely can send some feedback!

  6. Hi there, thanks so much for the plugin.

    im looking to do a glass roof structure like your banner on top of the website.. Do you have an example for how that’s created, and how materials/categories are added in revit? Thanks!

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